Thursday, July 25, 2019



Debbie Klatt welcomed everyone to the 2019 Via de Cristo Annual Gathering.  During the orientation, Debbie went over the maps of the campus, highlighting the location of all of meetings and events this weekend.  Since we are going wireless this year, Debbie suggested that everyone bookmark or add to their favorites for quick and easy access.  She went over the paper binders, for those who asked for them.  She then turned it over to Amanda Hunter, with the host committee, to guide us through the website and answered questions.  If you run into issues or have questions, please visit the help desk outside Uindy Hall A, where the business meetings will be held.
        By Sandy Poisel




Opening Worship & Commissioning

Reverend Ron Poisel welcomed everyone to the 42nd Annual Gathering for the National Lutheran Secretariat with the opening worship service. Pastor Poisel shared with us the story of his first weekend experience and how the lost sheep are always found by God. We are all lost and only God can find us.  He asks us all to continue walking with Christ, to listen, pray and take an active relationship with God and to do everything in service to God.  We sang beautiful music and shared communion before service ended.     
      By Tom Farrar 


Keynote Speaker:  Bishop William O. Gafkjen

Bishop Gafkjen welcome us on behalf of the Indiana-Kentucky synod.  After reading Psalm 37, Bishop Gafkjen spoke to us about how we, as a society, have become lost in the noise of the world. We’ve forgotten how to be God’s people.  But God loves us!  We need to return to our identity of God’s people with God at the center.  And we need to let ourselves be loved by God.  God comes to his people and he will come to us if we let him.  We need to go out into the world and Sing God’s praises of hope, healing, renewal, resurrection, peace, binding and gratitude.  God’s mission is unhurried and unstoppable.  We just need to go out as originally called to be scattered and sing God’s praises.
    By Robin Grega


Thursday Business Meeting


The meeting began with prayer and the seating of the delegates for the 2019 Annual Gathering.  After everyone was seated, the Good News Via de Cristo presented a motion to reprimand the Executive Board. After much discussion, it was determined that this needs to be added to the agenda for Friday for resolution.  The meeting proceeded with discussing how to encourage more clergy to serve on weekend teams.  We also discussed how to shorten the Rollo’s over weekends. The meeting adjourned for dinner.    
      By Kim Silence


Evening Vespers with Pastors Heather & Wade Apel

Pastor Wade started the service with a community prayer highlighting our unity with one another through Our Savior.  We were created by Him and are His.  Pastor Heather lead us through Romans 12:9-21.  She shared the story of this verse in college being taped to her wall as a guideline for living as a Christian.  This of course tis the challenge as walking as a Christian in this world.  We are called to act differently than we may feel in challenging circumstances.  We are to overcome the obstacles to this way of life.  In His baptism we can trust His hand is with us, even when there is no evidence.  Living this life, we are to love, support and serve one another through these few days and into the future in our respective home communities.

Pastor Wade lead us through prayer and silent reflection on the disunity within ourselves, on a stronger unity within our families, on unity of our communities of worship, on hometowns, on our governing bodies locally and nationally.  We closed the with the singing of Bind Us Together and Wades benediction of the blessings of Our Saviors Light.


Please take time to review the words of Paul and ask His Spirit to guide you into a better understanding of living life His way.
      Peace in the Name of Jesus to you, Steve Siroky.


Fellowship Fun and Other Happenings!

(group photo, Thanks Pastor David Lind)


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