Saturday, July 27, 2019


Morning Worhip

Worship began with a group from Bethel Lutheran leading us in music.  After reading the Gospel, John 14:15-27, Pastor Pam Thorson preached to us about living an amalgamated life.  When we love we are obedient to God.  We are not alone, we always have God with us.  God gives us what we need.  All we need to do is listen to the Spirit.  The Spirit is the helper.   We then took communion and parted for our day’s activities.
      By Louise Taylor


Some Pictures from Practice:


Business Meeting

Storytelling with Reverend Ron Poisel

Pastor Ron Poisel presented another session on Storytelling.  Today he discussed that when you tell a story orally, your speech patterns are different than when you read.  Everyone has a different style of communication and receives and processes information differently.  When you tell a story, there are various ways to capture the audience’s attention and you should use a variety to make sure you engage all member of the audience.  Anyone can tell a story!  There are no age restrictions, so people of all ages can tell a story.  Pastor Ron provided a couple of resources:, and the Story Journey by Thomas Boomershine. 
      By Mary and Dick Link



Forum # 3 – Joyfully Thankful
Speaker:  Kari Hanson

Kari Hanson shared her journey to Christ through the prison ministry, CHARIS. This ministry turned her life around, bringing her to Christ.  Kari was immensely thankful for this new life in Christ, her children and her new partner.  She went on to discuss how we too can live joyfully thankful with Christ at our center.  Following Kari’s speech, the audience discussed the following questions:  How can I celebrate my life of Peace, with God?  What bridges can I build to grow closer to others?  What are my opportunities to boldly show thankfulness?
      By Kim Silence

EOI – Back to the Mountain Renewal
Leader – Debbie Klatt

Debbie Klatt lead a discussion on the concept of Back to the Mountain Renewal.  A Back to the Mountain Renewal is a blend of an Annual Gathering and a regular VdC Weekend.  It’s a day and a half long program and is open to all 4th day members of the VdC, Great Banquet, Walk of Emmaus and other Cursillo movement communities.  The weekend consists of various speakers, Letters to God, Exchange of Ideas sessions, and fellowship.  And of course, each day opens and closes with service.  Skits were used throughout the weekend. 
      By Sean Rice

EOI – 4th Day & Ultreya
Leader – Wendy Showalter

Our goal is to promote the 4th day.  Some hold Ultreyas monthly with “fun” day.  Some use Grand Ultreyas (typically a Saturday), as “workshops” focusing on training – particularly sponsorship and stewardship.  Mini Ultreyas for pilgrims and sponsors act more of a “homecoming” on Sunday evening.  These should happen right after a pilgrims’ weekend.  Some areas do a camping Ultreya.

We considered the following questions in our discussion:   Are we competing with small groups in other organizations?  The consensus was that they work as well with the piety, study and action.  Grouping online is a great option for with larger distances and friends moving.  This should work with more tech savvy members. Reaching out to our members via email, twitter, snapchat, church ambassadors, postcards and newsletters is a great way to encourage 4th day involvement.  Most areas are struggling with keeping this role active.  Are we thinking outside of the box enough for ideas and support?  Are we using signup programs to give an option for our members to donate time and talent?
      By Steve Siroky

EOI – Writing to Our Forgotten
Leaders – Mary and Dick Link

The session today is very similar to the one that was held yesterday, with a different audience. However, what the discussion really came out to highlight was that the forgotten can be anyone.  You can be at a large event and sitting in the audience there may be people who feel forgotten.   To connect to them, you don’t need to use fancy paper or some super exciting experience and so forth.  What they need is calls, visits, simple cards saying thinking of you, anything to show them that you are thinking of them and care about them.  Anything can make a difference.  Bringing light and personal contact to those in need makes a positive difference, even though we may not realize it at the time. 
      By Marcia Katterhenry

EOI – TheHappening & Millennials
Leader – Lindsay Daugherty

“Make a friend, be a friend, and bring a friend to Christ” continues to be the goal and method to involve and attract people to the VdC movement.  After much vibrant conversation between facilitator, Lindsay Daugherty, and the audience in this session, our long standing VdC mantra still holds true by many present. The priority of being authentic and true at all times, resisting put on a “Sunday mask” was discussed as a high priority in building relationships that would be open and interested in attending a retreat weekend.

Emphasis on the importance of pre and post weekend relationship building and keeping things current while maintaining foundational principles as discussed.  Many people believe in God and are craving to know about Jesus but we must be flexible to current times.  This was seen as a problem facing VdC with all ages, not just millennials. The goal should be to “shine the light and joy of our salvation in Jesus,” said Daugherty.
      By Yvonee Stewart


EOI – Jam Sesssion/CCLI License
Leader – Jeanne Gaston


Jeanne Gaston started by reviewing the CCLI License information from yesterday.  Questions were asked and answered.  Then the INKY VDC musicians led a discussion on being a Music Cha, sharing tips on how to organize and lead the music.  Then a jam session was held with Mark Hollman on keyboard, four guitarists and occasionally a flute.  Many voices filled the room in song.  We sang/played through about 6-8 songs.
      By Chris Willman



Evening Vespers
& Installation of NLS Board

Pastor Doug Givan lead the installation of the NLS Board.  Pastor Ron Poisel shared with us the locations and distances of the 81 beautiful souls who came to serenade us. He then shared the story of the Samaritan woman in the wonderful illustrated and acted out storytelling.  The word came to life in a one-man drama of such great words from our messiah, Jesus.  We too are transformed by this story as were the disciples and the Samarian people.  I feel the words of “must worship” and “truth” ring true with my soul. We live this transformation in our 4th day, just as the story Pastor Ron shared about Jeff and Sand, we are living with Jesus in our hearts. We then shared with one another our personal transformation. As always the Spirit shares with us just what is needed.  Listening to all the stories around us, proves how powerful this movement is in this world for His kingdom.  We closed with the prayer “Be still and know that I am God.”  Our God is Awesome. 
      Peace to you all in Jesus Name
      Steve Siroky


Pictures from Serenade





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